Believe In Them

Alexander Lyadov
2 min readApr 10, 2024

Recently, I came across a funny ​video​. This chick was trying to grab a bite, but it kept missing. It’d get close to the caterpillar, open its beak wide, but bam! The caterpillar slipped away. The discouraged “hunter” repeated the trick.

It’s a problem for little ones who have recently left their parental homes, nests, and burrows. They’re spoiled with excessive care. The chicks are used to the idea that when hungry, all they need to do is chirp and open their mouths.

You can observe a similar situation in business too. Some leaders excessively coddle their subordinates. As a result, the latter don’t develop skills like seeking, chasing, creating, etc.

There are many reasons for this. One boss doesn’t trust employees to handle things. Another fears upsetting them. The third one doesn’t have time to impart necessary knowledge to people. The fourth tends to attribute all merits to himself. The fifth one is eager to maintain control and power.

But you can’t just stop the flow of life. There’s a demand from employees, it’s festering inside. Energy will seek a way out. What will happen? Self-destruction, departure to a competitor, or rebellion.

Interestingly, the CEO of the company will indeed do his best to improve business. He’ll attract investments, implement efficiency-boosting methodologies, and conduct trainings.

Sure, the CEO will do his best to make things better. He’ll try to get more investments, buy new software, and offer some training.

But what’s really necessary is to help employees unleash their dormant potential. No investment needed, just a shift in mindset.

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Alexander Lyadov

As a business therapist, I help tech founders increase the value of their business by unlocking the potential of their personality.