Desirable inefficiency

Any new activity looks confusing and unmanageable at first. All the elements seem equally important and tear your attention to shreds. Not knowing where to expect a catch, the vulnerable mind flinches nervously at every hint and rustle. Muscles are constantly in hypertension to avoid irreparable mistakes. Obviously, during this period, your energy — physiological, mental, and spiritual — is siphoning out of every crevice for nothing. In short, your activities are insanely inefficient.

Many people are not ready to accept this fact. That is why, in addition to fear of the unknown, they are not ready to start anything new. It is especially evident in business, when large organizations make loud statements, spend huge money on R&D and BizDev activities, but have no real innovations and breakthrough solutions in the end. The fact is that by the time businesses have become big, the bulk of executives and employees are professionals in raising specific efficiencies to the second decimal place.

In their worldview, inefficiency is blatant heresy that must be mercilessly scorched with purging fire. Not surprisingly, for them, exploring novelty without guarantees of quick and predictable results is not an investment, but a throwing away of limited funds. Large companies tend to get tired of the “insolubility” of this dilemma and are forced to buy up one startup after another at exorbitant prices.

However, if you understand the fundamental difference in behavior in unfamiliar territory as compared to known territory, the loss of efficiency is not a problem, because there is a value more important by many orders of magnitude. All true entrepreneurs know this “secret”. By the way, the increase in efficiency in the initial phase can be exponential, if you consciously slow down, use the minimum load and learn to distinguish between primary and secondary, function and form, figuratively speaking, good and evil.

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Alexander Lyadov

Alexander Lyadov

As a business therapist, I help entrepreneurs to navigate faster in non-standard situations.