Hidden beauty

Alexander Lyadov
2 min readApr 13, 2024
Cullinan Diamond, 1905

A truly valuable business doesn’t always look perfect. It consumes too many resources to keep up appearances. But resources are always finite.

Such a business has tons of investment opportunities. They’re not obvious at first glance. Even the founder only vaguely guesses when they’ll pay off. But the effort is worth it. The outcome could be immense.

Scammers, swindlers, and adventurers — now that’s a different story. Fancy office, chopper security, and impeccable suits. With nothing under the hood, they slap on a convincing papier-mâché Bentley shell.

In a healthy business, function always slightly precedes form. People are passionately engaged in real work. The business evolves dynamically. Once they hit a critical milestone, they’ll upgrade the exterior.

It’s just like life. If someone’s appearance is flawless, they’re either a professional model or a narcissist. For health, hygiene is crucial. Aesthetics are valuable too, but not at any cost.

It’s useful to learn to see the hidden function behind the form. That way, you can avoid traps and temptations. And find the Cullinan Diamond in the mud.

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Alexander Lyadov

As a business therapist, I help tech founders increase the value of their business by unlocking the potential of their personality.