Mastery Without Effort

Alexander Lyadov
2 min readJun 17, 2024


Jocelin Carmes

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What sets a master apart from a novice? The field doesn’t matter — be it investments, politics, or jiu-jitsu.

A master sees everything where a novice sees nothing.

Like a forest animal sensing prey or danger from a single scent molecule.

People exclaim, “Is such a miracle possible?!”

In reality, he simply acts timely and appropriately. He neutralizes danger in its infancy. He spots opportunities before anyone else.

His wisdom lies in being close to the source of good and evil. That’s why his effort seems laughable, but his results are colossal.

Mastery sometimes looks like doing nothing (無為). In truth, it’s the highest form of work. Like a filament, the master’s mind burns tirelessly, showing the optimal path (道).

But those who seek a cheat code to turn a pawn into a queen are mistaken. Mastery is a stalactite formed by billions of drops of tears, blood, and sweat. The task is to ensure not a single drop is wasted.

Thus, a master is a novice who constantly reflects on his mistakes.

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