Osman Rana

A sports group of children and teenagers begins warming up on the tatami. The children are between the ages of eight and fourteen. As they run, they goof around, stumble and wobble. The group is led by a girl who runs differently. Not a single extra movement, straight back, springy steps. You can tell she’s been wrestling for at least three years.

In National Geographic movies about hunting predators, you can see the same economy of effort. The movements of lions, leopards and tigers are full of grace and beauty, like a piece of music, in which there is not a single unjustified note. Each element of the “system” is subordinated to the main function. Any redundancy is eliminated at the root.

Each element of the “system” is subordinated to the main function.

When faced with novelty, our interaction is, by definition, inefficient and requires “unjustified” costs. In the research phase, it is even harmful to try to save money. Therefore, crumpled drafts, hypotheses and prototypes should fill the trash can.

However, as knowledge and experience accumulates, the zigzag line should extend into a straight arrow. That’s why professionals are easy to recognize by the parsimony of movements and the brevity of phrases. They don’t throw energy to the wind. Any deviation from reasonableness causes them almost physical pain.

In our youth we splash the juice of vitality in all directions. In old age, on the contrary, we grudgingly invest every joule of energy. If we learn from life in the right way, then the wisdom in using the resources available to us comes faster than nature reduces them. Thus, in theory, we can become more powerful with each day we live. In this way we master the art of achieving everything without making unnecessary moves. Or rather, everything that really matters in life.

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As a business therapist, I help entrepreneurs to take faster tough decisions at the intersection of business and personality. You can check my detailed Linkedin profile. For our introductory call, you can choose a convenient time here.

As a business therapist, I help entrepreneurs to navigate faster in non-standard situations.