Road Hypnosis

Alexander Lyadov
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Road Hypnosis is a type of trance state in which the driver can drive for a long time and react acceptably to external events, but then cannot remember what he was doing. His consciousness is absorbed in some other task, but manages to drive like autopilot. While in an altered state of consciousness, the driver is unable to react quickly and adequately to unexpected situations. When novelty catches him by surprise, an accident happens. Today, the expression “road hypnosis” is increasingly being replaced by the term “Driving Without Attention Mode.”

I remember the speedways in France when, driving a rented BMW, I drifted off into a parallel world where I had to crack an important cipher. Good thing my wife Marina was my vigilant navigator: “Sanya, look at the speedometer — it is already 180 km/h”. Otherwise, instead of La Manche, cheeses and Pommeau, we would have studied the Normandy ditch deeply, but once. By the way, the French prudently sow the edges of the highway with metal balls, which create a lot of noise if the driver has already moved out of the lane, but the ditch has not yet attacked.

In business, the same phenomenon is observed. The founder seems to have a firm grip on the steering wheel, his foot is pressing the gas pedal, and his eyes are watching the road. But his “processor” is absorbed in a problem he has been trying unsuccessfully to solve for a long time. “Why does my business never get to the next level?”, “Why do I create a lot with one hand, but then destroy it with the other?”, “Why have I been pulling this suitcase without a handle for so many years?”, etc. Everyone’s central question is different. More precisely, the root dilemma on whose horns the founder and his business are stuck. The problem, however, is not just the missing market potential. Driving in an unattended mode is known to lead to disaster, once something abnormal happens in the environment. Is there someone near you who will keep you awake behind the wheel?

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