The waterfall of life

Alexander Lyadov
2 min readSep 10, 2022
Fahad Rai

After birth, each of us, figuratively speaking, finds ourselves in a boat without oars. The waves of the river lull us so sweetly that for some, childhood drags on until they turn gray. But if the process goes right, the young man or girl wakes up in time and greedily explores the world around them. And the world is truly beautiful — the caressing sun, the bottomless blue of the sky and the shores buried in verdure. Although the meaning of the journey is unclear, the flow of vivid impressions makes it impossible to think or feel sad. It seems that it will only get better from here. Of course, from time to time something or someone clouds existence and even traumatizes the psyche. However, the vitality of youth is so strong that the wounds quickly heal, and the lost tail grows back.

After a while, the ear catches a strange noise. A vague uneasiness arises in one’s stomach. It is as if there is a mystery that all, without exception, must learn. But the tumult of hormones drowns out everything, concentrating on relationships, achievements and expanding one’s influence. The noise gradually increases, so that sometimes, in silence, at rest or before going to sleep, a person is paralyzed by terror.

One sooner or later has the insight that the outlandish sound is the rumble of a waterfall. The stability of the river of life is an illusion. All rivers are born from condensed clouds and end up in the ocean. But before all that the river carries has to go down with the waterfall. In flight, everything is scary — the inevitability, the unknown and the altitude.

Since one cannot stop the boat or dock on the shore, over the years one is forced to make a choice — run from or step into one’s fear. Surprisingly, with each step the anxiety decreases, and the harmony of life, even a little, but increases. One can’t help but wonder, “What would my life be like if I accepted reality as it is, all at once?”

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