What is your gift?

I am usually quite quick to see the peculiarity of the person in front of me. This is important, for example, in the context of a founder’s query about a lack of energy, loss of interest in the business, mediation of conflict, or the proverbial resting of the head on the “glass ceiling”. Of course, I ask a number of additional questions, but rather to test my hypothesis and not to mess things up. This kind of diagnosis is especially impressive by contrast when it is not at all obvious to the person what he or she is naturally good at. Sometimes there are even laughter or tears, so fundamental is the insight into a greater understanding of oneself. The moment when a client’s eyes flash with joy is one of the most grateful moments in my work.

But I have no credit for this ability because it came from a combination of my nature and nurture. The first decade of my career was spent in the advertising industry during its tumultuous formative phase, a side effect of which was a high turnover of people. I had to conduct hundreds of interviews in order to urgently find people for the expanding team or to close the gap caused by the departure. For the second decade, now in the investment industry, I sought out and hired those who formed the teams — CEOs, COOs, СTOs, etc. The sheer number and variety of people has treated my diagnostic ability like a sharpener improves a pencil.

Ironically, my gift is a consequence of a curse. For years I’ve been desperately trying to figure out who I am and what I’m for. Unfortunately, it was all in vain. At times, there was a sense of abandonment and longing. All that remained was the belief that there was a way out of that labyrinth. One day I suddenly had the insight that I was a guide, an “in-between” and that my function was to help others understand their talent, inclination, potential, spark, and giftedness. So the “40 years wandering in the wilderness” made sense. Judging by my clients’ testimonials, the grueling search for myself has turned a trivial log into a valuable tool.

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“Who are you and what do you do?”
As a business therapist, I help tech founders quickly solve dilemmas at the intersection of business and personality, and boost company value as a result.

“Wondering about client feedback on business therapy?
Natalia Yaromenko, founder of Beauty Tech Corporation: “I don’t understand how, but Alexander reveals the very key strength you have, your specialness. He discovers the very “fulcrum” through which you can turn the world upside down. Now more than ever, it is important for all of us to find that fulcrum. It will help us not only to survive in these super-tough times, but also to make a breakthrough and take our businesses to the next level. If you, like me, are facing losses and a crisis in your business, I highly recommend talking to Alexander. This could be exactly the meeting that will turn your life around”. More testimonials here.

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Alexander Lyadov

Alexander Lyadov

As a business therapist, I help entrepreneurs to navigate faster in non-standard situations.