Will you stick to it?

In a recent interview with world-class physical therapist Jeff Cavaliere, Andrew Hubeman suggested that whatever workout program you choose, the big question is sustainability — will you stick with the plan if the enjoyment is low and the duration and intensity are high?

How often does a person get inspired by another “system” for gaining muscle mass, increasing stamina or losing extra pounds, only to abandon the sport altogether in a month or two because of subconscious excuses: “I caught a cold,” “I was busy at work,” or “Now is not the time. When X is over, then…”. X changes regularly and the only thing that is stable is the accumulation of dust by the sports uniform in the corner. So the goal is to find your training plan in particular and the type of physical activity in general. The criterion should not be advancement, not popularity, and not the promised mega-usefulness, but a guarantee of no absences for a long period of time.

MMA coach Firas Zahabi points out the priority of consistency over intensity. What’s the point of putting yourself out there every time until you have a gag reflex if you end up losing a quarter to recover from an injury? Just as you should get up from the table slightly hungry, it makes sense to leave your workout awake rather than crawling away like a zombie.

And how often in business do owners get caught up in the trending fad in their industry and try to artificially instill it? But if the prerequisites are not naturally ripe for revolution, another false start is inevitable, plunging the team into depression. It is quite another matter when the solution is the answer to a long-winded business question, and its implementation is smooth, consistent and feasible. Is your business or sports plan sustainable?

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Alexander Lyadov

Alexander Lyadov

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