Your Creative Journey

Alexander Lyadov
2 min readApr 16, 2024
Nathalia Suizu

Creative souls need nothing. With a touch, they turn Nothing into Something.

You can measure their power by how wide their range of raw materials is. One might stumble upon transforming negative feelings, another on unusual things, and yet another on frightening events.

If a person is open to new things and curious, each day brings a tiny but valuable gain. Just yesterday, fate threatened to break their familiar life, but tomorrow they’ll smirk and say, “I am the tectonic shift.”

Creating doesn’t always mean composing or sculpting. It’s the ability to turn a negative into a positive, and a positive into a negative at will.

Our body, mind, and spirit are initially dependent on… Oh, the list is long. All our lives, we fight for freedom, like a dolphin in a fisherman’s net.

This path has no comparison. Everyone has a different starting point. The destination is unknown. You choose your own pace.

Do you agree that you have a creative path?

Sincerely yours,


I write about creativity, freedom, and meaning.

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Alexander Lyadov

As a business therapist, I help tech founders increase the value of their business by unlocking the potential of their personality.